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Here is a professional list of my past and current activities (sorted from the newest). For further detail of any activity please follow the corresponding links.


TL;DR – or short story


During most of the day, my C++ has been serving an Italian Formula 1 Racing Team since 2011.

Apart from private life, I love spending time (and some nights) on other awesome activities I’m trying to collect here. Summing them up:

  • I have shaped ++it, the Italian C++ Community, or the C++ landmark in Italy. I moderate the online community, I organize meetups, etc.
  • I have been an isocpp editor since 2014. I help moderate the International C++ online community.
  • I love experimenting and prototying – here is my GitHub page.
  • I often blog and speak on my C++ stories.
  • In 2016 Microsoft gave me the MVP award for my activies related to Visual C++.
  • In the last 2 years, I’ve turned into a Competitive Programming aficionado. Here is my HackerRank profile.


Talks and Workshops


Marco is a fantastic speaker. He is passionate. He captures his audience with a balanced mix of technical facts and sense of humour. His examples and stories make concepts clear, and he focuses on explaining the ideas before the details. He has all these features, and he puts them in every single sentence.

Feedback by Andrea Baruzzo at ++it Meetup Pordenone 2015

I love telling stories. I think the best way to effectively communicate things is through stories. Another ingredient I spice up my stories with is humor. The last one is interaction with my attendees: for this reason I regularly hide some questions inside my talks, giving gadgets to the people who answer them!

An important gift attendees often offer to me is their feedback. Whenever I have this information, I mention the rating (generally from 1 to 5) I got for the corresponding talk, as well as the talk comments link. For a general feedback overview please check out my public profile.

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Speaking to 150+ people at Codemotion Milan 2015


Perché nel 2015 parliamo ancora di C++? (60′)
150+ attendees. Feedback and Rating (5/5)
Codemotion Milan 2015 – November 2015/Milan (Italy)

[Workshop] C++ dal ’90 ad oggi (120′)
25+ attendees.
Co-Speaker: Marco Foco
Microsoft Community Days 2015 – March 2015/Milan (Italy)

[Keynote] Perché nel 2015 parliamo ancora di C++? (90′)
80+ attendees. Feedback and Rating (5/5)
Italian C++ Community Meetup – February 2015/Pordenone (Italy)

[Workshop] C++ from ’90 to ’14 (180′)
15+ attendees. Feedback and Rating (5/5)
Co-Speakers: Gianluca Padovani, Marco Foco
Italian Agile Day 2014 – November 2014/Ancona (Italy)

Meet the Rule of Zero (60′)
50+ attendees. Feedback and Rating (5/5)
Italian C++ Community Meetup – November 2014/Bologna (Italy)

Il nuovo C++? Torniamo alle basi (60′)
20+ attendees.
Microsoft Community Days Rome 2014 – September 2014/Rome (Italy)

C++11 in Action (60′)
60+ attendees.
Microsoft Community Days 2014 – February 2014/Milan (Italy)

Effective Code Transformations in C++ (60′)
40+ attendees. Feedback and Rating (4/5)
Co-Speaker: Paolo Polce
Italian Agile Day 2013 – November 2013/Reggio Emilia (Italy)


Meetups and events



Meetup Pordenone – February 2015


As the leader of the Italian C++ Community, I organize meetups and events and I support other user groups and conferences. Here is a list of the meetups/events I have organized.


Italian Coding Dojo Modena – March 2016
Co-Organizer: Gianluca Padovani
10+ attendees.
Programming puzzles dinner


Italian Coding Dojo Bologna – February 2016
Co-Organizer: Gianluca Padovani
12+ attendees.
Programming puzzles dinner


Italian C++ Community Meetup Roma – October 2015
Co-Organizer: Franco Milicchio (RomaTre University)
30+ attendees. Feedback
Highlights and topics:

  • 2×60′ talks
  • 2×30′ talks
  • Networking breaks and lunch
  • UG Program Lottery for books (O’Reilly)
  • Clang & LLVM overview and some internals
  • Mobile Development in C++ and C# with Xamarin
  • Js integration through Google V8
  • Porting iOS/Android apps to Windows via Microsoft Bridge


Italian C++ Community Meetup Firenze – June 2015
Co-Organizer: Mena Marotta (Develer srl)
50+ attendees. Feedback
Highlights and topics:

  • 4×60′ talks
  • 2×45′ talks
  • 1×30′ lightning talk
  • Networking breaks and lunch
  • UG Program Lottery for books (O’Reilly) and licenses (JetBrains)
  • C++ and why you care
  • CAT: a C++14 Functional Library
  • Teaching C++14 on Raspberry PI 2
  • Game-Development in C++11/14
  • Solving Constraint Satisfaction Problem using monads with Bartosz Milewski
  • Boost.SIMD and best practices for running C++ code fast


Italian C++ Community Meetup Pordenone – February 2015
Co-Organizer: Marco Parenzan
80+ attendees. Feedback
Highlights and topics:

  • 1×90′ keynote
  • 1 common track (2×60’ talks)
  • 2 parallel tracks (3×60′ talks each one)
  • Networking breaks and lunch
  • Keynote and theme of the day: “Why in 2015 still talking about C++?”
  • Introduction to C++11/14
  • C++98 -> C++11 migration use cases
  • Introduction to Qt
  • WinPhone, Android, iOS development in C++
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Data Access in Modern C++ (sqlpp11 & ODB)
  • Chromium as a framework to write desktop apps in C++


Italian C++ Community Meetup Bologna – November 2014
Co-Organizer: Gianluca Padovani
50+ attendees. Feedback
Highlights and topics:

  • 1×60′ interactive and voting session
  • 2×60′ talks, 2×30′ lightning talks
  • 1×45′ Ask Us Everything Q/A panel
  • Networking breaks and lunch
  • Monads in C++ with Bartosz Milewski
  • Rule of Zero
  • Developing a C++ Testing Framework
  • Dependency Injection in C++


Italian C++ Community Meetup Milan – June 2014
30+ attendees. Feedback

  • 4×30′ lightning talks
  • 1×45′ Ask Us Everything Q/A panel
  • C++ Concurrency with PPL
  • Actor model in C++
  • C++ lambdas
  • Functional Programming in C++
  • Lunch all together




Meetup Firenze – June 2015



Popular posts


In 2012, I was the first Italian at publishing articles on, the official C++ Standard Foundation website (now I am also a proud isocpp editor!).

My posts on are listed here below:

Pay attention to unformatted nature of getline – November 2015

Either capture this or copy *this – July 2015

Don’t blame initializer_list prematurely – April 2015

Bring named parameters in modern C++ – December 2014

Anti-IF idioms in C++ – November 2014

Ponder the use of unique_ptr to enforce the Rule of Zero – April 2014

Don’t couple streams with devices – September 2013

Use CRTP for Polymorphic Chaining – December 2012

Learn how to capture by move – November 2012


In 2016, I started the blog series “C++ in Competitive Programming”, on using C++ for facing programming challenges:

  1. Introduction
  2. Input and Output
  3. Warmup



Projects & Repos


Refer to my Github page for more details.

anvedi – Prototypal Qt Data Viewer made with QCustomPlot

Meshcripter – OpenGL and Qt tool for mesh rendering and scripting

QShellQt shell-like control

daje – Collection of Algorithms and Data Structures




Perché nel 2015 parliamo ancora di C++? (60′)
Language: Italian
– July 2015

History and Overview of the Italian C++ Community (30′)
Language: Italian
– May 2015

Last Update: April 2016